Mama Gloria - Kingston, Jamaica '12

I see myself as a wanderer, an explorer, an observer...

Just like Mama Gloria Above. Since my freshman year of college I have not been able to resist the urge to put the camera down. Taking pictures has been a passion of mine for years. My epiphany came while working at the High Museum of Art during the Henri Cartier-Bresson photography exhibition, The Modern Century. That summer of 2011 I purchased my first professional camera and the rest is history!

As a self-taught photographer, my greatest joy emanates from photographing my subjects in natural light. Photography is simply the art of painting and writing with light. I find photographing my subjects candidly to be the best approach in capturing the true essence of impeccable moments. specializing in child portraiture in atlanta, ga, RebeccAnne Morgan Photography offers a freelance photography service that is sure to exceed your greatest expectations.

"In a portrait, Iā€™m looking for the silence in someone. No photographs taken with the aid of flash light either, if only out of respect for the actual light - even when there isn't any of it."

-Henri cartier-bresson